Jz Bich

Jz Bich is one of the founders and current producer of HyperGender. They came on a ship that while long lost at the sea (Atlantic) smashed at the shores of Long Island Sound where they dragged themselves covered in seaweed and plantkton and crawled through Long Island sensing west pull that threw them in the ocean to begin with. They cut through the trash and Long Island racism ... once they washed them they concluded they looked sufficiently white so brought them in doors. Finally someone cleaned up JZ made a trek to NYC but they got as far as Astoria and build the home there with the Alligator Boy, who soon after swam across the pond and landed in England first and Scotland next where he found his final peace. Once in NYC Jz started building her network of compassion, persistence and talent. Many got drawn to it but many freely left when they were ready. Jz is a lover not a hater but she can get mad and her rage turned to injustice shatters rocks so ... offer her roses not insults. 

Bunny Nose Best

Bunny Nose Best is a thousand-year-old soceress who admits her best days are behind her.  She is proud to be part of the production team. 

Kinda Lim

Produces from the shadows. You may not see her much but you get her emails and fun social media stuff. She is the warmest part of our stuff so if you need some love def go to her :) 

IR Marin aka Anti Social

IR Marin is a resident videographer at HyperGender.  She has worked with CLAGS, WOW Café Theater, Charlie Demos, Rose Wood, Dottie Lux, Sweet Lorraine, Rivers of Honey, Ariel Aparicio, MargOH Channing, and many more.  Her alter ego Anti Social presents a new creation at almost every HyperGender.  Check out her videos on YouTube!

Stacie Joy

Staci Joy has been a resident photographer since the start. She is super famous. 

Sir Real

They have been lighting us for ages and are an amazing performer and light designer.

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