HyperGender was first produced in April of 2007 and was a brain child of Crimson Kitty (at time called Agent N ) and JZ Bich. After Crimson left to pursue her solo career in drag other producers joined Jz. They were Wendy Loomis, Alma Karamesic Kelley (2009-2010). Mercedes Matilda & Jean Va Gin (2011-2016). Current producers are Jz Bich, Kinda Lim (2012- ) and Bunny Nose Best (2016- ) who was the original HG kitten in 2007.

Current tech team are Sir Real and we are looking for sound board operator. Some of the former tech team members are (Marni, Marie, Val, and many more)

Art and design team past and present Stacie Joy (photography), IR Marin (video), Maja Stojanovic (graphic design), Milan Dzaja (photography), Lew Alfred Douglas (for one show), Kinda Lim (newsletter and design)

stage kittens, mice, unicorns.  Bunny Nose Best, Leta Le Noir, Hudson aka Mikey Mouse, Winter, Cloud, Kal and more.


HyperGender Cabarulesque is a monthly burlesque and variety show. We consider ourself a queer show in the widest possible sense of that word. By embracing otherness and strangeness, HyperGender celebrates differences in the way we live, love and perform. Freedom of expression is highly valued and encouraged, but racism/cultural appropriation/sexism/homophobia/transphobia/sizeism/ageism and many other "isms" and "phobias" are not OK at HyperGender. We consider ourselves entertainers and revolutionaries. We will escort out of our space people who are offensive to our values which are anti racist, leftist and anti trans and homophobic.